Should a money producer manage to establish himself and have his irredeemable paper tickets accepted as money in the economy, then this money producer can produce and place with the public, at a profit to himself, practically any amount of money he wishes.

In contrast to any other good or service, lack of demand is practically no obstacle to the production and distribution of money. Additional money will be absorbed by the economy at a lower purchasing power of the monetary unit. Paper Money Collapse

When you look at top achievers in any field, the temptation is to credit them with genius status, which makes it impossible for an ordinary mortal like yourself to match them.

But the truth is, more often than not, their current ability to perform is the result of dogged persistence, methodical testing and tinkering, discarding what doesn’t work, identifying what does, not gifted genius, and that, you can replicate. Dan S. Kennedy

Offer the extremely appealing, irresistible doodad that your targeted prospects just HAVE TO HAVE, either as a free item just to list build, sometimes called a ‘freemium’, or as a premium driving a sale.

Done with appropriate prospects, it can stock your customer pond faster than any other approach. That, by the way, is the #1 neglected issue: targeting APPROPRIATE prospects. Figure out and offer the “HAVE TO HAVE” freemium to appropriate prospects, and they’ll line up to get into your circus tent! Dan S. Kennedy

When there is great uncertainty, it is easy to make dramatic claims and predictions. This is especially true if you won’t be proved wrong for many years in the future.

Gore’s claims about climate change in his first movie were widely known to be an exaggeration of what most in the climate research community believed. But he was a master at wordsmithing his statements to imply greater alarm than the evidence justified. Climate predictions are very uncertain, and so — as in economic predictions — […]

For business purposes, focus on ‘practical creativity’, i.e., re-arranging the old (tested and proven) in a new way, or ‘plus-ing’ what already works.

Either way, you’re not starting with a blank page. Walt Disney didn’t start Disneyland with a blank page; he started with already proven, profitable amusement parks, and began subtracting things he disliked, adding things he thought could be done better, further plus-ing new ideas on top of the re-arranged old ones. Dan S. Kennedy