F***ing Awesome Museum Tours

Museum Hack leads renegade, small group tours for people who think they don’t like museums. We Believe Museums Are F***ing Awesome When you stand in a museum, you are literally amongst the greatest collections humanity has created and discovered in our entire existence as a species. Come stand with us, and we’ll show you why museums are […]

Bath Bombs

Growing up, we always loved using fizzing bath bombs. But we couldn’t help but feel a little bit sad when a bomb finished dissolving because, well… it was gone. So we decided to create our own line of bath bombs that each contain a fun surprise in the middle! Now isn’t that way more exciting than […]

Subscription-based tea service

Each month, you will receive a new blend of three, hand-picked, delicious loose-leaf teas. Each bag differs in type, taste & caffeine to enjoy throughout the day. Our teas help support a healthy, fit & positive lifestyle. The story of Varieteas begins with two childhood friends. Post graduation, the two friends were working full-time jobs […]