The Power Of The Irresistible Offer

Weak, wimpy, “ordinary” offers CANNOT be expected to produce exceptional results. That’s simply unreasonable. Yet most marketers put forward mundane offers and then grumble about the disappointing results from their advertising. The trick is to get to the point where the prospect thinks, “I’d be a damned fool if I said ‘no’ to this.” Dan […]

Entrepreneurship is not a yes/no phenomenon: Yes I am an entrepreneur, No I am not an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is not genetic; it has nothing to do with your chromosomes or inherited traits. Entrepreneurs are not born; they make things happen because of their own will, skills, and knowledge. And these skills can be learned and enhanced. Instead, concentrate on the right question: How can I learn what I need to know and […]

Why Social Media Has Become So Toxic and What to Look for Next

Today’s social publishing environment rewards sensationalized content, thereby damaging healthy relationships online. These platforms reward “engagement” by highlighting highly liked posts more prominently in newsfeeds, accustomizing social media users to attempting to post that sensationalized content  themselves. This attention-seeking behavior has left people vulnerable to dangerous propaganda and influence campaigns. Last year, teenagers infamously filmed themselves ingesting Tide […]