You setup small goals when you’re young and follow with larger goals when you have the capacity to take on larger projects, based on experience and knowledge.

Goals are not only based on what you see as possible, but also on what your experiences are in the past and what you see as a fit for you and your personality. Whether monetary in nature or simply practice for a greater gain later, coming up with a list of attainable goals is good […]

Outside of paper money episodes, inflations were recorded when metallic money was debased, that is, when the state reduced the metal content of the money without changing the nominal value. Before states established themselves as paper money producers with territorial money monopolies, this was a common stealth tactic to fund state spending, again most frequently the army and war.

Additionally, inflations were recorded at times when new deposits of gold or silver were discovered and exploited, and the money supply was expanded more meaningfully. However, it is significant that all these inflations pale into insignificance if compared with the inflations of the later systems of fully elastic state paper money. There is simply no […]

The choice to be rich is an important one, as it means making the conscious decision to align all your actions to the choice you made and believe in.

When you become successful and choose to go from survivor to builder, you accept that your life is in no one’s hands but your own. As a result, you choose to let go of all the fluff. You choose to pursue success and ignore the rules that confine the world around you. Choosing to go from […]

There can be no doubt that the intellectual trends of the twentieth century were exceptionally adverse to the concept of commodity money and very favorable to state-controlled paper money.

This was the century of big state ideologies, of socialism and communism, of fascism and Nazism, and, after the second world war, of social democracy, that is, of “capitalism” under the control of a democratically legitimized state. The notion that the ambitions of state authority should be subjugated to the strict confines of a commodity […]

Confidence is self-belief based on tenure or track record, which ultimately is the brain’s way of self-acknowledgment in a field or perhaps of a skillset.

Arrogance on the other hand is a highly manipulative trait where a person believes himself to be superior to others, but without any real merit or accomplishments to support it. Belief shouldn’t be confused with confidence, which is belief in your own ability. Belief is defining what you believe to be possible. Your acceptance of […]