The most effective entrepreneurs view boredom as the great success killer, which is why they make sure never to be bored.

They happily spend endless hours working and doing what they love. They’ve made it a habit to be open and curious about everything in life and in their field of work. This curiosity keeps them asking questions and generating ideas for what their next steps are going to be. Because they choose to remain open […]

In Western civilization, the reign of mysticism reached its height in the stagnation and brutality of the Dark and Middle Ages – with its worship of the supernatural, its hostility toward the mind, its prohibition of scientific inquiry, its restrictions on production and trade, its rigid society of status.

As the official voice and dominant power of the culture, mysticism died with the Renaissance, though the echoes of its death lasted for centuries. With the rebirth of reason and science, men began the slow, faltering, upward climb toward a society in which the self-assertive, creative power of man’s mind could find expression. For man […]

In all the ethical systems that achieved any degree of world influence, man has always been the victim, twisted against himself and commanded to be “unselfish” in sacrificial service to some allegedly higher value called God or Pharaoh or Emperor or King or Society or the State or the Race or the Proletariat.

Altruism – as an ethical principle – holds that man must make the welfare of others his primary moral concern and must place their interests above his own; it holds that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the moral justification of his existence, that self-sacrifice is […]

Successful entrepreneurs spend a significant amount of time thinking, creating and visioning. Being innovative comes naturally to all of us if we can discipline ourselves to enjoy the process of being in constant discovery.

Successful entrepreneurs’ most powerful asset is their imagination. The most effective entrepreneurs dare to dream, act and turn their dreams into a reality. This visionary quality sets them apart from those who don’t dare to dream as big. Standout entrepreneurs don’t see a limit to their creativity, success or ability to make money.

AutoShades smartphone controlled smart blinds hit Kickstarter

Dreamer Technologies is taken to Kickstarter to launch their new smartphone controlled blinds aptly named AutoShades. The smart shades not only controllable from your smartphone but also include smart technology that is capable of detecting sunlight and adjusting accordingly. It’s night mode ensures all shades are closed automatically and a full scheduling program enables you to tweak […]

The higher part of that portion of the higher incomes which is taxed away would have been used for the accumulation of additional capital. If the Treasury employs the proceeds for current expenditures, the result is a drop in the amount of capital accumulation. The same is true for death taxes.

The realization of technological improvement is therefore impaired; the quota of capital invested per worked employed is reduced; a check is placed upon the rise in the productivity of labor and upon the concommitant rise in real wages. It is obvious that the popular belief that this mode of taxation harms only the immediate victims, […]