All underconsumption theories suffer from an irrational fear of savings and a lack of appreciation of the pricing mechanism.

Saving, consumption and investing are interconnected and coordinated via market prices, including interest rates. Saving is the basis for prosperity. No society has ever risen, nor could any society conceivably ever rise, out of poverty and into prosperity via consumption. It is saving and production that generate wealth. Paper Money Collapse

A misinformed public can willingly participate in its own — or even the world’s — destruction.

That could happen. Democracy is a prerequisite to peace, but it can’t exist if the public are being systematically misinformed. Lies and democracy don’t mix together any more effectively than do oil and water. —– The problem in America isn’t either Obama or Trump; it’s neither merely the Democratic Party, nor merely the Republican Party; […]

As long as people are afraid of liberty and falsely delegate their self-responsibility to a central authority, hope is dim.

It’s time to think independently about whether today’s centralized system really makes sense, if it is sustainable, and for how much longer. If the answers to these questions scare you, it is pointless to expect solutions to come from above. It is then time to act directly and responsibly, with a solid plan, hard physical […]

In George Orwell’s novel, 1984, the Ministry of Truth rearranges facts and rewrites history. On the face of the building in which it is housed are engraved the slogans: “War Is Peace; Freedom Is Slavery; Ignorance Is Strength”.

Language is one of the most important tools of the totalitarian state. If all citizens accept the lies that the ruling party imposes – if all records tell the same tale – then the lie passes into history and becomes truth. All that is needed is an unending series of victories over our own memory. […]

Federal Reserve Announces QE Infinity

We now have QE to infinity and beyond. On March 23, the Federal Reserve announced it will purchase an “unlimited” amount of US Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities. —– …. the federal government was running near-record deficits even before the coronavirus crisis. That’s about to blow through the roof. The reality is this credit crisis started long before […]

Inflation: A Wealth Redistribution Scam

Even if the Federal Reserve wasn’t set to allow inflation to run hot, it targets 2% inflation as a matter of policy. In simple terms, the central bank intentionally devalues your money by 2% every single year. …. inflation has pernicious effects on the average person, while tremendously benefiting the chosen few. Polleit calls inflation an […]