10 Small Business Marketing Ideas for Fall

Top 10 Fall Marketing Ideas Fall-Specific Content Marketing Fall Contests and Giveaways Get Your Business in the Fall Spirit Create Special Fall Products or Services Fall-Themed Direct Mail Campaign Infuse Fall Energy Into Your Social Media Channels Launch a Thanksgiving Charity Initiative Put a Fall Spin on Your Loyalty Program Cross-Promote With Fall in Mind […]

An effective advertising or marketing campaign should make it clear what kind of person your product or service is for (and not for).

And remember that the more specialized the sub-niche, the easiest it is to attract ideal customers. If your product or service is appropriate for more than one distinct sub-niche, run totally separate marketing and ad campaigns, and use a different name for each one. Just like when prospective clients saw our ads and felt, ‘This […]

“So many businesses feel that their ideal customer is anyone who wants to, or can afford to, give them their money. I would argue this is faulty thinking. I regularly turned down potential clients who could have and would have paid our fees. I also declined to do further business with a client who proved to be someone who did not fit my definition of an ideal client. And I had a very specific list of criteria as to who an ideal client was.” Sidney Biddle Barrows, Uncensored Sales Strategies