Back in 1983, I quickly developed “the #1 seminar and publishing organization exclusively serving the chiropractic and dental professions in North America”. Actually, we were that on day-one of the business because that particular, specific description matched one and only one company; ours. I very deliberately defined a category where we could instantly be #1 […]

If there is one observation I can say is almost universal about people’s marketing, is that they underestimate the difficulty of the task.

Why else would marketers fail to use all the testimonials and other proof they might muster? Why else would marketers settle for a short letter instead of a long one? Why else would they neglect to offer exciting bonuses, incentives for fast action? When marketers who know better still make half-baked efforts, it reflects their […]

Know Your Audience

I suggest playing out a mental movie of your prospect’s day, from eyelids opening in the morning to eyelids closing at night. What does he think? Say to himself? How does he dress? Where does he go? What does he eat? What conversations does he have with others? What problems does he deal with? Etc., […]