Positioning is admittedly an advertising buzzword, but it’s legitimately one of the most important marketing concepts you’ll ever consider in your entrepreneurial career. One of the definitions of positioning is controlling how your customers and prospective customers think and feel about your business in comparison to other, similar businesses competing for their attention.

Positioning strategy #1: Name. Name your business so that the name telegraphs what your business does. For example, not just Michael’s but Michael’s Arts and Crafts. Positioning strategy #2: Price. You should be selling in a self-created competitive vacuum, where price is evaluated by the prospect only against value, only based on your presentation, not […]

If you want to excel in an industry saturated with me-toos, you’re going to have to brand yourself and differentiate yourself.

The first step in building a brand is to have a Unique Selling Proposition or a USP. USP-less businesses offer nothing distinct, nothing unique, no special benefits, no logical reason why someone should buy from them other than hope or circumstance wrapped around a cheap price. Your USP is the anchor to your brand. What […]

I tell entrepreneurs they will rarely, if ever, find the basis for a breakthrough in their business or inside their own industry or profession. Breakthroughs come from outside.

You’ll never hear me talk in terms of starting with a blank slate. And catching me starting anything with a blank page is a rare event. For purely artistic expression, raw, out of the ether creativity may be an essential ingredient. But for commercial purposes, it is vastly overrated. Even if you look at the […]

Discovering Your Prospect’s Budget

What you can do is you can find out what the meeting planner’s budget range is. When you’re on the phone with the meeting planner, you will say something to the effect of, “Well, Ms. Meeting Planner, we have a number of different packages that will really fit into any budget. We have packages that […]