Most boardroom conversations are still about how we can sell more stuff – not how we can be more meaningful in the lives of our customers?

If you want to seriously explore this path less traveled, here are two magic questions: How do our customers FEEL about their RELATIONSHIP with us? How do our customers FEEL (differently/better) ABOUT THEMSELVES because of their relationship with us? The second question is less thought about then the first, but it is at least as […]

New Mindset = New Results

Stop the sales pitch. Start a conversation. Start with a conversational phrase that focuses on a specific problem that your product or service solves. For example, you might say, “I’m just calling to see if you are open to different ideas related to preventing downtime across your computer network?” Your goal is always to discover […]

How to Position Your Product in a Niche Market

Thoroughly assess the competition. BDC recommends looking mainly at the following categories: products and services, pricing, positioning and branding and market reputation. You may need to also look at their online reviews and any press they’ve received to get a thorough understanding of their reputation. After surveying this information, take a good look at your product and […]

New client and prospect process

Do you have a defined process for communicating with new clients and prospects? If not, you’ll need one in place. No matter who answers the phone or is covering the front desk, new clients and prospects interactions should always be handled the same way. Have a protocol for assessing who should help based on the […]