The Power of the Principle of the Delayed Sale

By first being a provider of information, trust-based marketer intentionally (and courageously) delays presenting propositions and asking for money, in favor of building authority, affinity, credibility, fascination, and as outcome, trust. This is what I call “the principle of delayed sale.” I have not yet found a business where it can’t be beneficially applied. But… […]

Copywriting: 2 Types of Stories

Story Type #1: “The Herald” “The Herald” story is a story that introduces a new idea to a market that is unfamiiar with it. Here are the steps: 1- This was the situation. 2- Here was the problem. 3- Here is why it was hard or impossible to solve the problem before. 4- Here is […]

Stories are very powerful because stories bypass the typical thinking we have that puts up resistance, which is known as critical thinking.

Stories are not just good for reminiscing. They are very helpful in helping people get to know you pretty quickly. In business, that’s important because people like to do business with people they are comfortable with. One of the main reasons people don’t trust other people is simply because they don’t know them yet. So, […]