“Unless you are physically out-numbered by people who would do you physical harm, you should determine who you are, what principles you believe in, and what you and your business stand for; find the audience for that; and communicate clearly and consistently. In doing so, ignore whatever disapproval or criticism may come from everybody in the cheap seats, and forget all about wooing those who cannot be wooed. In other words, find your audience and serve it.” Dan Kennedy

To be a successful entrepreneur entails much more than convincing people to buy your product or invest in your company. It means creating a deep network of connections who are enthusiastic about your idea and seeing it grow.

In addition to pathos (the appeal to emotion), and logos (logical arguments), Aristotle believed that good character, or ethos, was one of the three main pillars of persuasive speech. This is because no matter how well-reasoned or logical an argument is, it won’t matter if the audience doesn’t trust the person making it. In his now-famous TED Talk […]