Time-Saving Hacks

1. LastPass LastPass is a secure password manager that saves, stores, and organizes all of your passwords. It also enables you to share logins and access with team members remotely without giving them the password. It’s a free Chrome Extension, and you’ll never forget and have to reset a password again. This saves a ton of […]

A Blue Ocean Strategy

When a company’s value curve, or its competitors’, meets the three criteria that define a good blue ocean strategy — focus, divergence, and a compelling tag line that speaks to the market — the company is on the right track. These three criteria serve as an initial litmus test of the commercial viability of blue […]

What Is Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?

Annual percentage rate, or APR, is essentially the annual cost of borrowing—as in the case of an investment like a loan or credit card—and is expressed as a percentage. It differs from an interest rate in that it includes other fees associated with borrowing, such as origination fees and closing costs. There are multiple types, […]

The Secret To Peloton, Apple, Netflix, and Tesla’s Growth: It’s Vertical Integration

Peloton announced blowout earnings last week, and has joined an elite club that includes Apple, Netflix and Tesla. These companies not only delight their customers and create enormous shareholder value, but they also operate a highly vertically integrated enterprise. The success of these companies is rewriting some outdated rules on what drives effective business strategy. […]