China: Existential Threat to America

China’s unrestricted warfare — a term Beijing has been using for at least 21 years — now includes biological attack. Xi has always believed that China should rule the world. He has always believed he had to get the United States out of the way, especially because Americans promote ideals that are anathema to totalitarianism. […]

Mexican journalist exposes Joe Biden for signing compact that created influx of child trafficking, immigrant children in cages

Joining the chorus of the rest of the liberal left, Biden not surprisingly tried to blame Trump for immigrant children being “separated from their parents” at the border, accusing the current administration of creating the “border cages” where parentless children are supposedly being housed. What Biden failed to mention, however, is that it was he and Barack […]

Is It Time for Full-Time Mask Mandates? (by Dr. Joseph Mercola)

Most objections to mask-wearing requirements are not to the masks themselves, but to the mandate, and well-documented consequences such as oxygen deprivation should give anybody pause when considering a legal requirement of wearing masks in public. We already see that most people wear masks in public regardless of mandates. But it is entirely irresponsible and unethical for governments […]