UN seeks urgent climate action to PREVENT “greening” of Sahara Desert, proving climate change is a death cult (by Ethan Huff)

The United Nations (U.N.) has issued an urgent warning about the Sahara Desert, which is in the process of “greening” apparently due to climate change. The reversion of the Sahara from desert back to a type of “Garden of Eden” would seem, on its surface, to be a good thing. But because a changing climate is involved, […]

Stories are very powerful because stories bypass the typical thinking we have that puts up resistance, which is known as critical thinking.

Stories are not just good for reminiscing. They are very helpful in helping people get to know you pretty quickly. In business, that’s important because people like to do business with people they are comfortable with. One of the main reasons people don’t trust other people is simply because they don’t know them yet. So, […]

Establishment Disinformation Is Killing Western Democracy (By Jeff Giesea)

Establishment disinformation, more than any other form of disinformation, is killing Western democracy. Disinformation from our own political and media establishment has caused more harm to Western democracy than any other force in the last two decades. Consider the fallout from the sweeping information operations promoting lies about weapons of mass destruction. Remember how difficult it was to question […]

The reason people allow themselves to be pushed around is that the order provided by even the worst rulers ensures that they have shelter, food and a predictable amount of safety. Freedom ain’t worth a damn if you cannot attain the essentials to sustain your life. The big talk about preferring liberty to safety is just that, as people always choose safety over freedom, if those are the choices.

Every ruling elite relies on legitimacy. The people over whom they rule must accept them as the sovereign. Otherwise, the ruling elite must rely on force and that is the most expensive form of rule, draining both the elite and the subjects from whom they extract that which sustains them. Rule by force is unsustainable. […]