SCIENCE FRAUD: Covid-19 vaccines were manufactured and stockpiled by the military long before they were tested and “approved” (by Lance D Johnson)

Covid-19 vaccines were “approved” long before the FDA “approved” them 60 minutes aired footage of the prepared vials rolling down the assembly line in Baltimore. Each vial contains five to ten doses. The assembly line is already pumping the vials out at 400 per minute. General Perna did not disclose which company had already been shadow […]

The Power of the Principle of the Delayed Sale

By first being a provider of information, trust-based marketer intentionally (and courageously) delays presenting propositions and asking for money, in favor of building authority, affinity, credibility, fascination, and as outcome, trust. This is what I call “the principle of delayed sale.” I have not yet found a business where it can’t be beneficially applied. But… […]

Western Canada has already fallen to Communist China – America may have a chance, but only if it stands united (by Zoey Sky)

Acts of treason in Canada The trouble in Canada first began when the Trudeau government committed two acts of treason. First was when they removed all restrictions on Chinese foreign investment in Canada. Second, Canada brought in the Foreign Investment Protection Act (FIPA) within one week of Trudeau coming to power. FIPA allows China to […]

Doug Casey on the End of Western Civilization

Western Civilization has its origins in ancient Greece. It’s unique among the world’s civilizations in putting the individual—as opposed to the collective—in a central position. It enshrined logic and rational thought—as opposed to mysticism and superstition—as the way to deal with the world. It’s because of this that we have science, technology, great literature and […]