The Main Threat From Covid Is Not the Disease (Paul Craig Roberts)

  • The Covid Deception ( ) was used in the US to justify fraud-ridden “vote by mail” in order to steal the election from President Trump.  Covid’s next use is to assault civil liberty. If the Democrats’ theft of the election stands, we are likely to get the national lockdown that Biden’s Covid adviser favors.  Little doubt that mandatory vaccination will be sold as the way to get released from lockdown.
  • There have been large protests in Britain and most of Europe against the lockdowns and restrictions on civil liberties mandated in the name of public health.  British journalist Chris Sweeney says he no longer recognizes the Britain that he knew. The movie, “V for Vendetta,” was predictive.  In the movie, the origin of the popular Guy Fawkes masks, a pandemic is engineered in order to establish a dictatorship.  It does look like more control over people, their ability to work, and their movements is what we are headed for. 
  • The alleged pandemic is also being used by the World Economic Forum, an elite organization, to take control over agriculture and global food production. The agenda is to push forward with genetically modified crops and laboratory-produced foods and to complete the transformation of countries’ diverse agriculture into commodity crops for export. Countries self-sufficient in food are made import dependent.  Corporate control over food will increase central power over people and eliminate geographical biodiversity.
  • Fear is an effective means of destroying liberty and transforming society. 9/11 and Covid have both served to reduce liberty, impair its defense, and enlarge the powers of government and corporations over people.  Consequently, the accountability of government is disappearing and democracy along with it.