WHO Helped China Hype Pandemic Misinformation

Botched test kits. Misinformation. Inconclusive investigations. From faulty test kits to sending out misinformation on the risk of spread from asymptomatic carriers, to messing up advice on travel, the WHO has helped China whitewash its failures on the handling of the pandemic.

Nine months and more than 1.1 million deaths later, there is still no transparent, independent investigation into the source of the virus and, according to The New York Times, China has steadfastly impeded any efforts to get to the bottom of the virus’ source, while the World Health Organization has helped them serve up misinformation.

Although they agree that many cases were linked to the market in Wuhan, many scientists no longer believe it is where the outbreak began. No date has been set for a visit and investigation, after earlier statements by diplomats that China and WHO were eager to wait until after the American presidential election.

And that’s where part of the problem lies: Like many organizations, the WHO is largely dependent on its funding sources, and President Trump withdrew the U.S. from WHO in July. In the meantime, China has managed to strong-arm the WHO into making decisions that not only don’t appear to favor finding any real answers to the burning question of where the virus originated, but actually end up praising China in spite of all the mistakes the country made.