40 Blog Post Ideas and How to Generate Unlimited Blog Topics (DollarSprout)

  1. The reason you started your blog
  2. How your readers can start a blog like yours
  3. A list of goals you’ve accomplished
  4. A list of goals you plan to achieve
  5. The top ten problems that your readers face (and the solutions)
  6. A past failure you’ve overcome
  7. A book review
  8. A movie review
  9. A roundup of the top ten influencers in your niche
  10. An Interview with a professional in your niche
  11. An embarrassing story or event that taught you a lesson
  12. Five strategies that didn’t work for you
  13. Five strategies that worked for you
  14. Compare and contrast two similar topics (products, services, strategies, etc.)
  15. A review of the last product or service you purchased for your blog
  16. A list of products or services that solve a problem among your readers
  17. The steps to do a popular activity
  18. A secret about yourself
  19. A list of tips or hacks that make an activity easier
  20. A gift guide
  21. A roundup of your favorite resources
  22. The top ten challenges you face (and a plan to overcome them)
  23. A list of inspirational quotes and how they apply to your journey
  24. The history of your niche
  25. A captivating story that taught you a lesson
  26. A rant about a topic you’re passionate about
  27. The top ten pieces of advice that helped you succeed
  28. The competitors in your niche and what you do differently
  29. The steps that led to your current success
  30. The top ten hobbies that help you decompress
  31. The people who inspire you
  32. A detailed overview of your daily schedule
  33. A roundup of your top blog posts
  34. A description of where you see yourself in 5, 10, or 15 years
  35. The top ten tips that help you maximize productivity
  36. Your opinion on a controversial topic
  37. The top ten things you love
  38. A 10-step method you’ve personally used to solve a problem in your niche
  39. A checklist of actionable items that solves a problem
  40. A roundup of expert opinions on a topic in your niche