Time-Saving Hacks

1. LastPass

LastPass is a secure password manager that saves, stores, and organizes all of your passwords. It also enables you to share logins and access with team members remotely without giving them the password.

It’s a free Chrome Extension, and you’ll never forget and have to reset a password again. This saves a ton of time and mental bandwidth!

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re using your keyboard for most of your work, learning some keyboard shortcuts can save you a substantial amount of time in the long term.

Just simple shortcuts to replace repetitive clicks, like these for Windows:

  • Ctrl+Z: Undo
  • Ctrl+W: Close
  • Alt+F4: Close apps
  • Ctrl+C: Copy
  • Ctrl+A: Select all

Or if you’re a Mac user:

  • Command-X: Cut
  • Command-C: Copy
  • Command-V: Paste
  • Command-Z: Undo

3. TextExpander

TextExpander is a tool that makes text suggestions, inserts text snippets, and enables you to make your own keyboard shortcuts to input those text snippets.

If you find yourself typing the same things several times a day; such as your email address, business name, the same greetings, and so on, TextExpander can help speed this up.

You can save seconds with a simple keystroke, which quickly adds up to minutes, and possibly hours over the course of a year.