SCIENCE FRAUD: Covid-19 vaccines were manufactured and stockpiled by the military long before they were tested and “approved” (by Lance D Johnson)

Covid-19 vaccines were “approved” long before the FDA “approved” them

60 minutes aired footage of the prepared vials rolling down the assembly line in Baltimore. Each vial contains five to ten doses. The assembly line is already pumping the vials out at 400 per minute. General Perna did not disclose which company had already been shadow “approved” to manufacture the doses in advance. The vaccines are most likely the product of Pfizer and Moderna. The two companies are unleashing a new kind of vaccine technology called mRNA therapies. The new experiment deploys foreign code into human cells, hijacking the cellular processes and forcing the ribosomes to produce spike proteins (properties of coronaviruses). The individual immune system is forced to react to this autoimmune virus replication process.

General Perna did not disclose how many vials of the vaccine had been stockpiled before the faux FDA approval is granted. The process is as clandestine and fraudulent as the 2020 voting process. Science and democracy are losing both transparency and accountability in 2020 America. The country is in a dangerous place as pharmaceutical companies get away with science fraud and are emboldened by the horrid ghost of Josef Mengele, with the power to mobilize the military like a scientific dictatorship modeled after the Third Reich. Even worse, it is assumed that the citizenry is inherently filthy and diseased and must submit as a whole to the experiments, as the military narrows in on the dissenters and demeans non-consenting individuals as if they are some military threat that should be eliminated.