The Nine Gates to Customer Commitment

There are nine things that most of us are trying to figure out — consciously and subconsciously — before making a significant purchase or investment with a new provider. Only one of the nine focuses on product, one on price.

  1. Is this guy “for real”? (Authenticity)
  2. Is he telling me the truth? (Believability)
  3. Is he knowledgeable and competent? (Credibility)
  4. Is he appropriate for me? (Feasibility of Relationship)
  5. Is he listening — or just “peddling”? (Customized Solutions)
  6. Overall, can he be relied on? (Safety)
  7. Do I understand (enough about) what he’s going to do for me? (Comfort)
  8. Am I making the best choice vs. other choices? (Superiority)
  9. Am I paying a fair price? (Value)

Dan S. Kennedy, Marketing Miracles