Stop the silence: Big Tech continues to SILENCE critics of 5G technology (by Cassie B.)

  • If you’ve ever wondered why some areas of the world are stopping 5G rollouts due to health concerns while others are carrying on with their plans without reservation, look no further than the deep pockets of telecommunications firms and the social media platforms protecting them. Although it’s not hard to find information about 5G’s many dangers if you look for it, those who criticize 5G technology are being regularly silenced by Big Tech as they try to keep word from spreading.
  • The media is also helping keep 5G concerns under wraps. When an international group of hundreds of scientists wrote a letter to the World Health Organization outlining serious concerns about the electromagnetic fields created by wireless devices, their efforts did not get a lot of media attention, despite identifying such serious dangers as a greater cancer risk, genetic damage, reproductive system changes, memory and learning deficits, neurological disorders and cellular stress. They also pointed out that EMF affects living creatures at levels that are quite lower than most guidelines.
  • One thing that makes 5G particularly risky is its use of a shorter wavelength than the one that 4G networks use. Alarmingly, 5G networks use millimeter wavelengths that are not unlike those used in crowd control devices to make targets feel like their skin is burning.
  • There’s also the fact that exposure to the EMF created by wireless devices will be unprecedented. First, because the short millimeter waves it uses cannot travel as far as longer waves, there will be significantly more small cell units installed to help create a 5G network. In some places, they may be installed every couple of houses, and they will all be emitting microwave radiation.
  • On top of that, the number of wireless devices in use is increasing dramatically. Smart cities are using wireless networks for collecting and analyzing data about everything from traffic and lighting to security, transit and parking, while people everywhere become increasingly reliant on their devices. In short, 5G is going to be everywhere pretty soon, and there won’t be a way for those who wish to avoid it to do so.