Copywriting: 2 Types of Stories

Story Type #1: “The Herald”

“The Herald” story is a story that introduces a new idea to a market that is unfamiiar with it.

Here are the steps:
1- This was the situation.
2- Here was the problem.
3- Here is why it was hard or impossible to solve the problem before.
4- Here is what we came up with.
5- Here is how what we came up with makes it easier to solve the problem.
6- Here are the results people are having with our new solution.

Story Type #2: “The Dissolver”

All objections boil down to one or more forms of disbelief. And, if you can identify what that disbelief is, you can build a story that provides evidence of their belief to the contrary.

Here is the formula:
1- This problem occurred.
2- Someone thought they could never solve the problem.
3- They used your product.
4- They got these great results.

The purpose of “The Dissolver” is to answer prospects’ objections and render neutral and harmless.

BC David Garfinkel, Breakthrough Copywriting