China is using the coronavirus pandemic to speed up its plans for global DOMINATION

For China’s emerging global dominance to be properly counteracted, however, Duncan Smith says the Western world needs to act quickly. To do that, it needs to stop pouring money into the country. If countries like the U.K. and the U.S. continue to do so, they may one day find themselves “ever more dependent on this authoritarian regime.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping has a clear vision for the future of his country, said Duncan Smith. They plan to be the world’s leading superpower in terms of economic and military might by 2049 – at the centennial anniversary of the country’s founding.

“All the while, President Xi Jinping’s ambition grows and grows. While coronavirus has turned life upside down for people across the West, for China the most significant effect is that it will achieve global dominance even earlier than its communist rules had planned,” said Duncan Smith at the conclusion of his opinion piece. “The only remaining question – when will the West wake up?”