Top 5 Ways to HEIGHTEN your chances of catching Covid-19 (by S.D. Wells for Natural News)

Also ironic is the fact that every vaccine pusher and fanatic has screamed for decades about herd immunity and how we should all stick together to help build immunity, but now everyone’s on lock down, where they don’t even get fresh air and exposure to bacteria they need to build immunity. It’s all backwards and inside out, just like the Democrats want it (yes, it’s political too, mainly actually).

The worst part of the whole mental “pandemic” is that the 200 million idiots who get a flu shot every year don’t know a darned thing about supplements, herbs, tinctures, superfoods, clean food or highly effective indigenous medicine. Their quack M.D.s warn them about natural remedies. They discourage them. It’s all about slash and burn allopathic nightmares that only stave off the inevitable. Surgery, tests, more tests, then chemotherapy and radiation.

Here are the Top 5 Ways to literally INCREASE your chances of catching Covid-19
#1. If you’re dumb enough to get a flu shot (or any CDC-recommended dirty vaccines for that matter)

#2. If you’re dumb enough to eat genetically modified food most meals (and processed sugar/canola oil)

#3. If your doctor cons you into taking antibiotic prescriptions for a viral infection

#4. If you think wearing is mask and social distancing is valid protection

#5. If you don’t supplement with vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc, especially as cold weather arrives