Copywriting: Before you write your headline and bullets down, you need to have an offer.

  • An offer is a solution. It’s a package. It’s the way you present your product, service or information product. You present it in such a way that people see the value. It seems tangible to them. They start salivating for it. They want it and they feel good after they’ve spent the money.
  • The way you setup your payment plan can be part of your offer. Not charging someone’s credit card for two weeks or 30 days or not cashing their check can be part of your offer. Likewise, your guarantee can be part of your offer.
  • The smartest marketers figure out what their offer is first, before they write their headline, before they write their bullets, before they do anything else. Then they build their copy around the offer.
  • The offer is a combination of features and benefits in action, presented in such a way that it connects emotionally with the prospect who is qualified, who is right for your offer, and who is ready for this kind of solution.

David Garfinkel, Breakthrough Copywriting