The Gathering Super Tantrum, by Robert Gore

Russiagate, impeachment, the coronavirus power grab, riots, overhyped Trump “scandals” that came and went, and nonstop venom, vitriol, and vituperation come together under this label: the Continuing Tantrum. The presidential election is less than two months away, and we’re being promised the tantrum to end all tantrums, a Super Tantrum, if the harpy and the […]

10 Small Business Marketing Ideas for Fall

Top 10 Fall Marketing Ideas Fall-Specific Content Marketing Fall Contests and Giveaways Get Your Business in the Fall Spirit Create Special Fall Products or Services Fall-Themed Direct Mail Campaign Infuse Fall Energy Into Your Social Media Channels Launch a Thanksgiving Charity Initiative Put a Fall Spin on Your Loyalty Program Cross-Promote With Fall in Mind […]

Both the President and investors are betting everything on a fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine… but what if they’re accidentally unleashing a medical time bomb on America? (by Mike Adams)

The euphoria of today’s Wall Street investors is based primarily on two things: 1) Continued Fed money printing, and 2) Expectations that a coronavirus vaccine will arrive in November and magically end the pandemic. At the same time, President Trump is also aggressively pushing a coronavirus vaccine to be released before Election Day, hoping that some […]

Snare system is made to thwart porch pirates

So-called “porch pirates” are generally looking for packages that they can grab quickly and easily … if anything presents a challenge, they’ll just move on to another porch. It was with this in mind that the Snare Parcel Protection system was created. Invented by Canadian entrepreneur (and former machinist) Dennis Evans, Snare incorporates two parts […]

There is no other way to say it: The Fed has become a dangerous rogue institution that has usurped plenary power over the financial system. (by David Stockman)

This is all based on implicit theories that eventually lead to a massive speculative blow-off, even as it sucks the vitality out of the Main Street economy in the interim. The implicit theory is brazenly simple: The Fed believes that relentless credit expansion fosters greater economic growth and full employment. It believes that there is […]