Learning from Fidel

It matters little who’s killed in the riots, whether it be police, rioters or bystanders. Once martial law is introduced, it should not be surprising if the problem of violence never quite goes away – if the “temporary” police state becomes permanent, in the name of “safety.” Jeff Thomas

The personal appearance of you, the business owner, and your employees – clothing and grooming – is a very significant element of physical choreography and has a huge influence on how your clients, patients and prospects perceive your business.

Because appearance is such a personal issue, many business owners are reluctant to set and enforce standards of dress and grooming. This is a huge mistake, considering how strongly personal appearance influences customers. I find this to be one of the most difficult reforms my clients have to deal with, and they very often leave […]

Former Australian Senator Claims “Great Reset” is Real Agenda Behind COVID Panic

The former Senator noted how the coronavirus pandemic had facilitated the opportunity to impose a very similar crackdown that technocrats had previously sought to justify under the banner of climate change, namely, shutting down economies, lowering fuel consumption and airline travel as well as curtailing civil liberties and freedom of movement. “After decades of peddling […]

Say No to “The Great Reset”

If the far-left globalists get their way, governments and big tech will bring in something ‘deeply, deeply sinister’ called ‘the great reset’ and they’re using Covid-19 to help usher in this ‘deeply sinister’ agenda. “Many are going so far as to suggest that all the measures applied to the coronavirus, the lockdowns, the destruction of […]