Stopping 5G rollout will protect the public from harmful radiation that can cause CANCER and DNA DAMAGE (by Cassie B.)

  • If the problems with 5G were just a magnification of those with 4G, it would be bad enough. But 5G also comes with some new dangers. It introduces millimeter waves, which are absorbed by the skin and eyes and can affect the immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Long-term exposure has been linked to sterility and a greater risk of melanoma and ocular melanoma. Moreover, its limited reach means cell antennas will be placed roughly every 100 to 200 meters, so these “small” cell towers will be placed on ever block, emitting radiation at levels we already know can cause DNA damage and cancer. And while it’s putting all of us at risk, the dangers are particularly great for children, whose developing systems are highly vulnerable.
  • Some researchers believe that the human body’s surface draws 5G radiation in like an antenna. Sadly, all of the dangers of 4G and 3G could well be amplified by 5G, which also brings in problems of its own. Is downloading a full-length film in high definition in just seconds on your overpriced new phone really worth putting yourself at risk of all of this?
  • Several cities around the world, including Brussels, have halted 5G rollouts due to its health effects. Many of these efforts were started by concerned citizens, and in places where the bans stick, countless people could well be saved from serious health problems.