“Travel as we knew it is over” says Airbnb co-founder

  • The travel and tourism industries will be changed forever by by the coronavirus pandemic with less focus on major tourist destinations, says Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky. “It doesn’t mean travel is over, just the travel we knew is over, and it’s never coming back.”
  • “People are saying they want to get out of the house, but they want to be safe,” he said. “They don’t want to get on aeroplanes. They don’t want to travel for business. They want to go to cities, they don’t want to cross borders.” “What they are willing to do is get in a car and drive a couple hundred miles to a small community where they were willing to stay in a house.”
  • “Work from home also could be work from any home”. As well as more local tourism, Chesky believes that Airbnb could benefit from an increased focus on working from home, with people able to work from any location or property.
  • “People will want the assurance of properly maintained, clean space,” Jonathan Manser, CEO of The Manser Practice, told Dezeen. “Could we see the demise of the Airbnb model as consumers move towards assured cleanliness?”