How to Motivate Yourself: 20 Ways to Find Motivation

Getting motivated can be tough – and it can be even more challenging to stay motivated. In summary, here are 20 ways to motivate yourself:

  1. Just start and wait for the motivation to catch up with you.
  2. Break tasks down into smaller, more manageable steps.
  3. Create a positive mindset by asking yourself, “what’s good about this situation?”
  4. Create positive feelings by writing down three things you’re grateful for.
  5. Be kind to yourself when you make a mistake, then come back to the task at hand.
  6. Know that mistakes are a necessary part of progress – accept and learn from them.
  7. Cut overwhelming to-do lists down and focus on just one thing at a time.
  8. Let go of goals that overwhelm you and set attainable goals that energize you.
  9. Imagine your future if you don’t motivate yourself.
  10. Reflect on your past successes and use the positive feelings to stay motivated.
  11. Remind yourself of the reason why you want to find motivation to get things done.
  12. Remember the trade-off you need to make to get what you want, then commit 100%.
  13. Eliminate the things that distract you and then focus on one thing to achieve your goals.
  14. Tidy space, tidy mind – declutter and organize your space to help motivate yourself.
  15. Stay motivated by experiencing different food, music, books, or podcasts.
  16. Look to people in your life who inspire and motivate you.
  17. Ask close friends and family to help hold you accountable.
  18. Follow people who inspire you online.
  19. Listen – and dance! – to an upbeat song. Then dive into action when it finishes.
  20. Connect with your true potential – you’re more powerful than you think.