Understand that the plandemic isn’t the first effort to achieve global depopulation. Globalists first tried to crush human economies using the global warming scam, falsely claiming carbon dioxide was a deadly poison. They rigged all the global temperature numbers and fudged the fake science studies to try to push global warming — later “climate change” — to lock down global economies. But their efforts failed. Not enough people bought into the obvious fraud, and their fake science was easily exposed. (by Mike Adams)

The engineering and release of the coronavirus is simply the escalation of the same goal: To shut down global economies, cause mass famine and poverty, followed by an engineered culling of human populations. Where the global warming fraud failed, the COVID-19 “plandemic” succeeded. The lockdowns were weaponized and extended, crushing national economics and leading to […]

Why Systems Are the #1 Best Strategy to Consistently Achieving Enormous Goals

Here’s the difference between goals and systems (and why systems are so much better): Goals are about following routines, putting in a certain amount of effort to (hopefully) reach a deadline. Good goals are supposedly specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. On the other hand, systems are about consistency, making small progress every day. Systems […]

The US is no longer a country that is united by culture and language, ideas, or anything else. It’s become a multicultural domestic empire. It’s too large to be governable. The central government is totally bankrupt. It should break up peaceably before the situation gets completely out of control.

America is unique among the world’s countries because it was founded on the premises of individualism and capitalism, free minds and free markets. More than any other country, it’s lived up to those ideals. But these people don’t want just a change of government; they want to overturn the actual things that have made America, America. […]

Are You Loving Your Servitude? (Part Two)

In Part One of this article I laid out the argument Huxley’s dystopian vision of the future had played out over many decades, but now I observe Orwell’s darker vision in motion since the start of this century. All the “solutions” being imposed by those in power don’t solve anything, because they aren’t designed to solve anything. […]