New Zealand’s and Australia’s coronavirus death rates are infinitesimal: 4 per million in the former, 18 per million in the latter ( Despite these scant numbers, New Zealand is under lockdown and has postponed an election (nobody has died of the coronavirus since May) and Melbourne has instituted, “the harshest lockdown conditions of all Western democracies”

Power, as they like to remind us, grows out of a barrel of a gun, but moral legitimacy ends when that gun is aimed at the innocent. Nothing good has or ever will come from such evil. Dostoyevsky knew that it’s not history, or a socioeconomic system, or a political ideology from which evil flows, […]


I get a lot of sales letter to critique that start out talking about the company; ‘what WE do’, how long WE’VE been in business, this sort of thing. Your prospect does NOT give a rat’s behind about you, your company, your background, your credentials, your client list, your years in business, your widgets, your […]

Progressive Policies Wreck Everything (JOHN STOSSEL)

I laughed when I saw The Washington Post headline: “Minneapolis had progressive policies, but its economy still left black families behind.” The media are so clueless. Instead of “but,” the headline should have said, “therefore,” or “so, obviously.” Lewis says Minnesota is now a “command and control economy. … They’re not even shy about it. (Congresswoman) Ilhan […]