“Unless you are physically out-numbered by people who would do you physical harm, you should determine who you are, what principles you believe in, and what you and your business stand for; find the audience for that; and communicate clearly and consistently. In doing so, ignore whatever disapproval or criticism may come from everybody in the cheap seats, and forget all about wooing those who cannot be wooed. In other words, find your audience and serve it.” Dan Kennedy

The Coming Decline of Globalism

We have been assured that democracy and individual freedom is necessary for economic innovation, yet Chinese state-backed companies like Huawei and Alibaba not only lead the way in innovation, but are also proving capable of outperforming their competitors on the world stage. China’s mercantilist economic system and protectionist development policies now pose a serious challenge to […]

The Power of Ones, by Robert Gore

While American Revolutionary political figures and the War Between the States laid the ideological and legal groundwork for the American Industrial Revolution, it was the entrepreneurs of that period who transformed the US into the world’s preeminent industrial powerhouse, a land of unprecedented freedom, opportunity and wealth that attracted millions of immigrants. “Self-interested” and “self-made” […]