The Power of Ones, by Robert Gore

  • While American Revolutionary political figures and the War Between the States laid the ideological and legal groundwork for the American Industrial Revolution, it was the entrepreneurs of that period who transformed the US into the world’s preeminent industrial powerhouse, a land of unprecedented freedom, opportunity and wealth that attracted millions of immigrants. “Self-interested” and “self-made” are beast whistles; nothing stirs its reflexive hatred quite like those terms. At the heart of all collectivist ideologies is savage hostility to entrepreneurs and explicit provision for their elimination or subjugation, which amounts to the same thing.
  • Covid-19 commissars, collectivist rioters, and their collectivist political and media supporters have unapologetically destroyed smaller businesses and jobs, the entrepreneurial heart of the economy. Even businesses that have been allowed to reopen have been beset by myriad, constantly changing rules that make planning and full operation impossible. The crony corporate socialists receiving government succor lost their entrepreneurial spark long ago. While such life support may keep the economy alive for a few months, it is the life of a patient whose heart has failed and lives only by virtue of an artificial heart pumping blood into what is essentially already a corpse. Sooner rather than later the patient dies.
  • If you have either not contracted or survived the coronavirus and thought you were out of the woods, think again. We are entering a forest so dark and deep many of us won’t make it to the other side. America and most of the developed world were in a debt crisis before Covid-19. Decades of fiat government debt and central bank monetization, plus suppressed interest rates that promoted individual, corporate, and government debt have created a pile so high that it can never be repaid, and the mounting interest and principle payable is greater than underlying global economic growth.
  • So while people lockdown, work or not work from home, social distance, face mask, and compulsively sanitize, cowering before the small risk of a germ (how do they even get up in the morning?), they’re blissfully unaware that the world is bankrupt. A tsunami the likes of which none of us have ever seen has already made landfall and will permanently deprive millions, perhaps billions, of their livelihoods and millions, perhaps billions, of their lives. The coronavirus cowards are running from an ant into the arms, claws, and fangs of a very hungry beast.
  • The order that will emerge in some places—if humanity survives—will be the order that flows from freedom: the order of free thought, free expression, free production, and free exchange. The order of people who respect individual rights—their own and everyone else’s—and will fight to the death to defend them. The order of those who seek neither to rule nor to be ruled. The order of those independent thinkers who hold reason, truth and reality paramount. Never underestimate the power of one, and never underestimate the power of ones—those who envision humanity’s glory and work together to achieve and defend it.