If you are in a commodity business, GET OUT.

If you are in a commodity business, GET OUT. Step out of the biz-to-biz for a second and consider McDonalds. Why do you think they have playgrounds, ‘fun meals’, toy giveaways, Monopoly games, etc., etc.? To overcome the fact that they are in a commodity business. The biz-to-biz’er OR the consumer marketer faced with the same fundamental issue must employ the same fundamental solutions.

You ‘get out of’ a commodity business by creating all kinds of added value, relationship strengthening, even distractions. You wrap your core business inside other value more difficult to replicate. By the way, very, very, very, few business-to-business marketers ever figure out that they should be closely studying McDonalds rather than their competitor tool-and-die makers to see how to ‘disguise’ the commodity nature of their business.

Dan S. Kennedy