Leading Scientist Claims Lockdown & Quarantine is a “Human Catastrophe”

He looked into the claim that people were making that in China and in South Korea,  social distancing had successfully helped to control the epidemic. He went through the data and found out that social distancing, isolation and lockdown measures were not put in place until well after the peak of the epidemic in those countries.

This hinted to the idea that herd immunity, not lockdown, was responsible for the already declining number of cases and deaths in those countries. He emphasized, in that interview, that social distancing and lockdown measures were preventing herd immunity in the United States, and as a result there might be a ‘second wave’ that will come not long after lockdown measures ease. Of course, this second wave will mostly likely be attributed to lifting lockdown measures, when, according to Wittkowski, it will be a result of preventing herd immunity due to lockdown measures.

According to Wittkowski, lockdown measures should have never been put in place and isolation and quarantine measures should have only been put into place among the elderly, in long term care facilities and among people who are immune compromised while others ‘work’ to kill the virus by  creating herd immunity. According to him, by doing what we have been doing we’re actually putting the elderly, and have put the elderly, in a worse off position.