Dream big, start small

Your potential is absolutely limitless. I totally believe in your ability to start a side hustle that eclipses your day job, allows you to devote all of your time and energy to your passion and winds up being absurdly profitable. But it’s not going to be that way from day one. It’s going to require a lot of […]

The average person has been propagandized into believing that it’s patriotic to do as he’s told. (Doug Casey)

Even under the worst circumstances, even if the Mafia controlled the United States, I can’t believe Tony Soprano or Al Capone would try to steal 40% of people’s income from them every year. They couldn’t get away with it. But—perhaps because we’re said to be a democracy—the US Government is able to masquerade as “We […]

How to Prepare for Hyperinflation

Security: There are many things you can do to improve home security.  Good fences and gates, dogs, solid doors and windows, window bars, cameras, lights, alarms, etc. Supplies of Food etc. : Governments usually put on price controls and make shortages of all sorts of things. Because of this, having some stuff stored up ahead of time […]

Losing customers through neglect or sloppiness is especially painful in tough times because the cost of replacing them is higher, the difficulty of replacing them greater. This is the time to increase the frequency and quality of communication with customers, to reward their loyalty, to incentivize their patronage.

It is amazing to me just how bad most salespeople and business owners are at this. Get this through your skull: just doing what you do competently or delivering your product as agreed is not enough to earn your customer’s subsequent business. And in tough times, your competitors quickly resort to price cutting, so your […]

The Brain Drain

In 1933, Albert Einstein renounced his German citizenship soon after Adolf Hitler became Chancellor. Although that left him without a legal home, he was welcomed in England and later, the US, and eventually became a US citizen in 1935. This was quite a risky move at the time, as he had no certainty of a better […]