A move to a new country can be just as major a change in life as choosing a spouse. Therefore, the past history of a country should be carefully considered.

  • Does it have a long record for political stability? Does it have a long record for economic stability and does sustainable prosperity still exist? Does it allow for basic freedoms for all residents? Does it welcome foreign nationals socially and are they equal under the law? The above questions are the most immediate; however, they’re only a starter-list. The great majority of countries may well be knocked out of consideration by one or more of these questions.
  • Once a short list of countries that satisfy the above has been determined, a further investigation should be conducted regarding your personal needs and objectives. Someone who’s thirty years old and has a pioneering spirit might not choose the same country that a wealthy retiree might choose. Someone who intends to earn his income within the target country may seek a prosperous nation, whilst someone planning to earn his income through the internet may consciously choose a low-income/low-cost country.