In the future home, form will follow infection

  • If we look to history, we can see that pandemics are not the exception in human history, they are the rule, so domestic adaptation is long overdue. For many, lockdown unleashed profound mental stress, and yet responses ranged from unduly romantic visions of a “great correction” to reactive catastrophising with homes as isolationist bunkers and the need for off-grid independence.
  • A more pragmatic way forward is required. Something achievable regardless of wealth, size of home, or whether they’re rented or owned. Not least because further waves of this virus are highly likely.
  • Following the successful membership models currently enjoyed for music and movies, why not homeownership by subscription too? Make it easy to upgrade, downsize, add/remove services or swap cities as requirements change, and growing families don’t get stuck in cramped conditions and empty nesters with a zen for travel don’t leave over-sized properties empty.