The central banks control what we now consider “money” (dollars, euros, yen and other major currencies).

This power is based on money and the money is controlled by central banks, primarily the Federal Reserve System. However, the money-based power depends on a monopoly on money creation. As long as investors and institutions are forced into a dollar-based system, then control of the dollar equates to control of those institutions. The minute another […]

A move to a new country can be just as major a change in life as choosing a spouse. Therefore, the past history of a country should be carefully considered.

Does it have a long record for political stability? Does it have a long record for economic stability and does sustainable prosperity still exist? Does it allow for basic freedoms for all residents? Does it welcome foreign nationals socially and are they equal under the law? The above questions are the most immediate; however, they’re only a starter-list. The […]

At this point, freedom of speech is essentially dead on our major social media platforms, and because they have such a dominant position in our marketplace of ideas, that means that freedom of speech has been severely crippled in our society as a whole.

Freedom of religion is being greatly eroded as well.  States such as California continue to ban large church gatherings in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but meanwhile they don’t have any problem with the large groups of protesters that are gathering night after night in our major cities to riot and commit […]

David Stockman on What Could Happen If the Fed Loses Control

In a debt-saturated system, the Fed’s massive bond purchases never transmit anything outside the canyons of Wall Street. This money-printing madness only drives bond prices higher and cap rates lower—meaning relentless and systematic inflation of financial assets’ prices. As a practical matter, of course, the bottom 90% don’t own enough stock or even inflated government and […]