A few suggestions for where to get ‘beginnings’ so you need not begin with the blank page for your copywriting

  • COMPETITORS: Direct competitors occasionally have good ideas badly executed. You should keep a close eye on competitors, as well as leaders of your field outside your geographic market. You ought to keep a file on each of these, making sure you have their ads, mailings, etc.
  • COMPARABLES: Someone selling a totally different, completely uncompetitive product or service but either selling at your price point and/or to your customers and/or using the same media you use. If you will ferret out successful ‘comparables’, and carefully follow them, you’ll often find tremendous shortcuts.
  • NEWS: News events beget opportunities, based on the Collier principle of entering the conversation already occurring in your prospect’s mind.
  • OLD ADS: Go back ten, twenty, thirty years, take big winners and recycle them.
  • TOP DIRECT-RESPONSE COPYWRITERS’ WORK: Look for direct-response ads full of copy, running repeatedly in national media, from USA Today, to National Enquirer to niche magazines. Often a good ad that has nothing to do with your business can still provide a ‘platform’ to work from.

Dan S. Kennedy