Wholesalers are the primary distribution channel for most goods on the market. They act as the middlemen between producers and retailers and can specialize in one or more industries. There are furniture wholesalers, grocery wholesalers, wine wholesalers and so on. This career path can be very lucrative for those with strong sales skills and an eye for business.

Whether you want to sell clothes, electronics, beverages or home accessories, you’ll most likely purchase them from wholesalers. Sure, you can negotiate directly with manufacturers, but that may not always be possible. Buying from retailers is going to be expensive, especially if you need a large supply. A wholesaler, on the other hand, can facilitate this process and give you the best possible prices.
Wholesalers make money by purchasing goods from manufacturers at a low price and reselling them to retailers or distributors for profit. Beware that starting this kind of business isn’t going to be cheap. Besides the initial investment, you will need to lease or purchase a warehouse, hire employees to handle your products and constantly replenish your stock.