Pampa brings Argentinian-style grilling to impromptu backyard BBQs

Ñuke’s grills are inspired by the barbecuing methods of the gauchos (or horsemen) that inhabit the pampas (or prairies) of Argentina, who over centuries have cooked their cuts of meat over hot coals. The chefs control the temperature by raising and lowering the grill, allowing for perfectly cooked cuts of different sized meats and vegetables.

With heat-refractory bricks lining the internal surfaces of the artisan-crafted Pampa, heat generated from the coals is concentrated onto the 3.8-square-foot (0.35-sq-m) grill grate. An external adjustment arm allows this grate to be raised and lowered depending on the cooking needs, while an included poker and shovel lets the chef rearrange the hot coals as they see fit.

“The Ñuke grills and outdoor ovens appeal to folks that love to play with fire and want to push their culinary skills, and the Pampa offers an even more accessible option for home cooks and professionals alike,” says Matthew Brothers, Managing Director of ÑukeBBQUSA.