War on Cash Kicking Into Overdrive

In the depths of the 2008–09 financial crisis, Obama’s first chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, remarked that one should never let a good crisis go to waste. You probably recall him saying that. He was referring to the fact that crises may be temporary but hidden agendas are permanent. The global elites and deep state actors always […]

We’re at the end of the longest boom in history, and the debt levels and budget deficits of many of the world’s leading countries are far beyond anything the world has ever witnessed.

Moreover, the greatly expanded level of currency creation through Quantitative Easing is far beyond any level previously seen. This is an end-run tactic, designed to buy a bit more time, but ensuring that, as the nascent collapse unfolds, it will be the greatest crash in history. And that leads us to the discussion of real money: […]

Entrepreneurs can’t stand the idea of missing out on the big win, or how they will feel about themselves if they don’t put their total focus, emotion and effort into creating the life they want.

Successful entrepreneurs love to feel progress; they like to move forward towards their goals. They don’t wait until they’ve hit rock bottom and are so desperate that they’re finally motivated enough to do something about their situation. Instead, they create clarity about what they truly want and then they take action each day. People who are fearful of getting hurt, […]

Historically, whenever a nation or empire is in its death throes, there’s still a great deal of prosperity and good living to be had. For the moment, life remains good. But as a dramatic decline approaches, governments begin to remove the rights of the individual.

First, capital controls are implemented, limiting the ability to expatriate wealth. (This is already well under way in most First World countries.) Then, migration controls are implemented, making it difficult or impossible to physically exit the troubled country. This is typically done by refusing new passports and renewals, and confiscating existing passports due to “inappropriate” […]