How to Win Customers and Keep them for Life (Michael LeBoeuf) — bullet points

  • A problem is the difference between what you have and what you want. So, if you want to solve customers’ problems, ask them, “What do you have?” (What’s the situation now?) and, “What do you want?” (How would you like it to be?) Once you have the answer to those two questions, you can decide if and how you can solve the problem.
  • People buy emotionally and then justify with logic. For example, you need transportation to get to work but you want that new sports car you saw in the dealer’s showroom yesterday. And once you decide that you really want it, you’ll think up all sorts of logical reasons for buying it.
  • Use the feel, felt, found formula to melt a customer’s resistance and get him on your side. Whenever you get a negative response from people, take a deep breath, look them right in the eyes, and calmly say, “I understand how you feel….” Then let them know how others felt the same way until they found out.… (and here inject what they found out that changed their minds) (inject benefits).
  • Let the customer experience the benefits of buying. The more customers can see, hear, touch, smell, taste, and feel how wonderful it is to buy what you sell, the more value they will perceive and the more likely it is they will buy. If you can’t let the customer actually experience all the benefits of buying, use word pictures to paint an emotional picture of the benefits they will experience by buying or that they will miss by not buying.
  • Treat your customers like lifetime partners.