How to Infuse Empathy in Your Marketing?

  • Make Your Marketing Feel Like Helping: Be aware of the fact that customers instinctively realise when you are just trying to push your products i.e. treating your customers as objects to convert and they are repulsed by this fact. So, try to genuinely help your customers and you will be richly rewarded.
  • Tailor Marketing Plan to Your Customers’ Needs: Be conscious of the fact that marketing plans are not just tasks to be completed within the deadline line as per the company’s needs. As an empathetic marketer, you need to focus your marketing plan on the customer. Gain customer insight and make plans that address their concerns and wants and you will not have to do much marketing.
  • Make Your Brand Humane: You need to have a real conversation with your customers.  How do you do that? Personalise your customer service, social media engagements and emails. You can do this by adding a personal touch in dealing with your customers, complete with emotions like joy, happiness, celebration and yes even apologies if warranted. This will not only make your marketing more natural but also make your customers more interested in your brand.