Pandemic-Related Business Ideas

Sustainability Coaches that teach people how to grow their own plants, livestock, and other consumable resources from home.

Minimalist Coaches – that teach people how to live with less through down-sizing (tiny houses) and getting rid of crap they don’t need.

Survival Coaches – that teach people or businesses how to prep for emergencies.

Financial Coaches – to help people unf*ck their financial situation when the dust settles.

Ammo Store? – I can’t buy ammo anywhere. Bass Pro has been sending emails for weeks telling me my shipment is delayed.

All Sleep Products – People are losing a lot of sleep due to anxiety and mental chatter.

All Wellness Products – Especially products like Muse that help you meditate and calm your mind.

Reality Television – Focused on drama situations arising from at-home living.

Food Sanitation Product or Service – People are spending 15 – 30 minutes prepping cleaner, wiping down boxes, hand-washing veggies, etc. when they get home from the grocery store.

Decontamination/Sanitation Storage – When people get home they have to drop their shoes, clothes, keys and anything else that is likely infected. Where do you put all of that stuff? How do you keep your kids from touching it? How do you keep it out of the elements and how do you sanitize it all?

Backyard Games – More fun stuff for kids or families to do outdoors at home.

Side Hustle Flipping – People are running out of money so they’re selling stuff at bottom dollar prices on Facebook Buy/Sale groups. Cars, toys, electronics etc. For hustlers this is a good time to scoop up product for resale.

New Media Entertainment – With the world at home, there’s a lot of people consuming television non-stop. They’ll burn through Netflix, HBO, Prime libraries. Where can they fill their desire for consumption? YouTube? Twitch? They want something new, constantly.