The Fed Detest Free Markets – Part 1

The system has its own correction mechanism, but Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen and now Powell thought they could do better. Or maybe they didn’t and they just wanted their banker friends to haul in all the loot, it doesn’t even matter anymore. They’ve guaranteed that there are no free markets, because they murdered self-correction. “Let’s throw […]

Growing up ugly (Acne products)

My confidence plummeted. I had little social life so I immersed myself in school. My dream career was to be a dermatologist; so I could help others find a solution for something I had longed to find myself. Then college came, I developed cystic like acne that created very deep pustules that were very painful […]

Self-Care Planner

After burning out and reflecting on what was a very unsustainable lifestyle, I wanted a planner that would help me prioritise my wellbeing over productivity and I couldn’t find it. I needed daily encouragement to put myself first because slowing down didn’t come naturally to me. That’s why we reinvented the diary and added over […]