How to Monetize a Website: 15 Legit Strategies to Try

Creating your own website can definitely be a great side hustle–if you take the time to monetize it. But the problem is that many people who create websites have no clue how to actually make money with them.

1. Sell Digital Tools and Apps
2. Sell eBooks
3. Sell a Digital Course
4. Offer Coaching, Consulting, or Freelancing Services
5. Branded Merchandise
6. Develop an Affiliate Blogging System: List of Resources Articles, Product/Service Reviews, Product/Service Comparison Articles, “Cheapest” Articles
7. Generate Website Advertising Revenue: Google AdSense, Other Ad Networks
8. “Invisible” Ad Income
9. Sponsored Posts and Promotions
10. Create a Directory
11. Build a Job Board
12. Sell PDF Copies of Your Articles
13. Accept Donations
14. Offer Paid Memberships
15. Re-Purpose your Articles