Back in 1983, I quickly developed “the #1 seminar and publishing organization exclusively serving the chiropractic and dental professions in North America”.

Actually, we were that on day-one of the business because that particular, specific description matched one and only one company; ours.

I very deliberately defined a category where we could instantly be #1 by virtue of there being no #2. I still believe in this approach. One of the many most interesting truths about human behavior is that people prefer dealing with successful companies and individuals.

We may root for the underdog but we feel safer, happier, prouder, etc. when giving our money to the leaders. Staking out and ballyhooing a leading position can easily become self-fulfilling prophecy.

Whether you’re redefining your niche, your product, or yourself, I think it’s very smart to look for an opportunity to be #1.

Dan S. Kennedy