Gentle Tent Is a Glamping Oasis

The inflatable tent specialists at Austria’s GentleTent have been on quite a tear since they started moving their tents from the ground to the tops of wheeled vehicles. It sleeps up to five people, has two separate rooms, offers glass house-like views, and still packs lighter than many smaller RTTs.

What is wrong with falling consumer prices? Aren’t lower prices, in general, beneficial and conducive to better living standards?

Why would it be a problem if food became less expensive, or if education or medical care became more affordable? What is so bad about being able to buy things at cheaper prices? Why does the government have to save us from the supposed scourge of lower prices? Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, falling prices […]

I always wind up reflecting on what makes successful people so proactive while so many others just drift and wander. Where does the sustained sense of urgency come from?

Where does the eagerness to exploit a newly discovered opportunity come from? One source is vivid memory of being without. Not ever having been really, really broke, and ‘the village idiot’ seems to ironically be a real impediment to achievement. Dan S. Kennedy

Official inflation numbers are decoys designed to distract you from what’s really happening with inflation, which is the invisible expansion of the money supply by the Federal Reserve and the consequent diminishment of your dollar’s purchasing power.

At best, the consumer price index (CPI) and producer price index (PPI), by tracking prices, measure the effects of inflation and not inflation itself. The significance of that distinction is that inflation can exist before its effects are experienced. Peter Schiff, Crash Proof 2.0  

High Tech Night Pillows

If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not alone. It turns out a good night sleep is one of the most elusive necessities of modern man. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s inaugural Sleep Health Index™, 45 percent of Americans say they’ve suffered from the effects of poor or inefficient sleep at least once in […]

Positioning is admittedly an advertising buzzword, but it’s legitimately one of the most important marketing concepts you’ll ever consider in your entrepreneurial career. One of the definitions of positioning is controlling how your customers and prospective customers think and feel about your business in comparison to other, similar businesses competing for their attention.

Positioning strategy #1: Name. Name your business so that the name telegraphs what your business does. For example, not just Michael’s but Michael’s Arts and Crafts. Positioning strategy #2: Price. You should be selling in a self-created competitive vacuum, where price is evaluated by the prospect only against value, only based on your presentation, not […]