What are the most famous analogies that now successful startups used for their initial pitches?

Something to keep in mind, although analogies can be a great way to concisely communicate what you do at a high level,  they can also be misleading and limiting.

Here is a list of classic startup analogies that I’ve collected from various sources: 

1. DogVacay is the AirBnB for dogs
2. Linkedin is the Facebook for business professionals
3. TripAdvisor is the AngiesList for travel destinations
4. Coinbase is like Paypal for bitcoin
5. Flickr like YouTube for photos

Here are some common pitfalls to avoid when using an analogy to describe your startup idea: 

– Misleading analogies: “We’re like the Uber of boats. We help boat owners sell their used boats with our mobile app.” This is not how Uber operates at all and you will look like you have no idea what you’re talking about. 

– Confusing analogies: “We’re like Pinterest meets Uber meets Foursquare.” Huh? I’m not sure which part of each company’s business model you’re talking about here..

– Obscure analogies: “We’re like the RandomUnknownSite.com  for outdoor guides.” If your mom hasn’t heard of the company you’re using in your using as the comparable in your analogy, find a more popular one